Welcome to the Digital Age!

The trend is technology, which requires us all to work together to make homeowners' dreams come true. Providing new homebuyers with options for home technology from Control Pros will give you a competitive advantage.

We will work directly with you to make sure your homes are professionally pre-wired and prepared for success. Our experts use top of the line integration software (D-Tools) to import AutoCAD and draw wiring schematics.

  • Increasing the value of your homes
  • Enhancing the desirability of your homes
  • Satisfying your buyers' demand for an electronic lifestyle
  • Allowing your buyers to increase their quality of life through convenience, communications, comfort and control
  • Providing value-added services for your buyers
  • Differentiating yourself from other builders

Smart Homes mean Money
Penetration Stats of Smart Technology
Home Automation and Smart Homes = Hottest Trend at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Two of the top five trends identified by CE Pro (CE Pro’s Top 5 Home Technology Opportunities, January 2015 CES edition) involve builders - this is a great opportunity for increased revenue and differentiation.

As they note, "Home builders are building again, and technology is once again a key feature of these new homes. Even back in the boom years, we didn’t see this kind of attention to installed technologies as we’re seeing now. High- and mid-volume dealers report that production-housing opportunities are back."

Plus the 'conscious' home - "Once upon a time, you pressed a button to let the house know you were home, and even then the place didn’t know if it was you … or your spouse … or one of your kids. 2015 will usher in the year of the “conscious home,” or the “aware home,” in which wearables, smart phones, in-home beacons, and learning algorithms help ascertain who you are, where you are and what you need."

Additionally, "In 2013, 30 percent of them said it was very important to include the latest in home technologies in order to market new homes. In fact, 64 percent of [spec builders] said it was much more or somewhat more important to market home technology now than it was two years ago – substantially higher than in the past, according to research conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association.