Flat Panel TVs

We help you make the right decision on your next purchase.

Plasma TV. LCD. DLP. What does it all mean? What technology makes sense for my home?
Control Pros has extensive training on today's video technology
We keep our clients and professional partners up to date with the products on the market, so you will always make the right decision with your next purchase
What makes us different from the retailers?

Control Pros' goal is to educate you, so that we can guide you to the right decision for your entertainment investment. Retail stores are out to sell you the most expensive piece of equipment as quickly as possible. The sales people are generally inexperienced and he or she may not even know what size TV you should consider for the seating distance your space dictates. This, in turn, does not completely satisfy your needs, and leaves a bad name for the retailer.

Its all about CUSTOM

If you don't think you can fit a TV exactly where you want it, you may be wrong! Our installers are experts at installing flat panels exactly where you would like them. Our team will work closely with you so that we know all of the details ahead of time. Don't be turned down by a sub-contracted installer from a retailer because they can't do the job. Reach out to the right people for it.

Control Pros will also help you decide which wires are best for connecting your equipment. Your equipment is only as good as the wires that connect the components. Making smart wiring choices will reduce frustration and enhance your experience.

Flat Panel TVs

  • With a profile of approximately 4" in depth, these monitors can mount almost anywhere in your home
  • Not only can you watch TV and movies, we can set your plasma to display your favorite artwork, or even link it to your personal computer
  • Control it with a wireless keyboard from your favorite recliner, sit back and enjoy