Interior Designers
Be confident saying, "yes, we can do that."

The expectations people bring when they meet with you are high. In addition to wanting the latest design, they want the latest technology, the best - and for not very much. In short - they want it all.

We will partner with you to prepare a plan that exceeds your clients' expectations and to see the project through to a quality completion.

"Decorating" with technology allows the homeowner to:

  • adjust the mood of their home
  • create ambiance through controlled lighting, whole house audio and motorized window treatments
  • eliminate unattractive wires and lighting switches throughout the home with structured wiring
  • increase the perceived value of their home
  • fully entertain and impress guests


Enhanced Offerings
Interior Designers & Smart Technology
Home Automation and Smart Homes are some of the hottest trends in the marketplace

Just like you, we add value to each home and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. As service providers, we all take pride in making our clients happy, getting referrals, increasing profits and completing our projects punctually.

The Conscious, Learning Home is a growing trend, building upon the popularity of products such as Nest. But why limit to the thermostat? Your lighting, your hvac, sensors and security, for example, can utilize similar technology - and better - for a truly smart home.

Don't forget the ultimate immersive video and audio experience. Immersive video includes curved TVs, virtual reality, 4K-resolution displays and motion chairs for an in-depth, sensory experience.

Gain a competitive advantage by:
Increasing the value of your homes
Enhancing the desirability of your homes
Satisfying your clients demand for an electronic lifestyle


Allowing your clients to increase their quality of life through convenience, communications, comfort and control
Providing value-added services for your clients
Differentiating yourself from other interior designers