Smart Home and Home Automation Programming Services

Programming is not only an investment for Control Pros, but also for each homeowner because the finished product will become part of your daily life. It is imperative that we work closely with you and your family to create a completely customized look and feel that fits the lifestyle you lead.

A solid design is of little value if the finished product is difficult, awkward, and frustrating for a homeowner to use. Therefore, we include programming as a part of the actual design proposal. We are so committed to developing simple, powerful and easy to use interfaces that we even extend the programming service for a full year after completion to ensure that the system is understandable and that the homeowner is completely satisfied.

It is important for every client to understand the basic details about what is involved in programming an integrated home in order to recognize the value of having the perfect programming partner. The brain of each system is commonly referred to as an interpreter of electronic language protocols, in other words, it "speaks" multiple languages. Upon sending and receiving all of these language protocols, it must then process numerous calculations and commands, which trigger events and result in the automation of the home.


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